Sayyed Hassan Al Qazwini

In Kuwait, Sayyed Hassan Al-Qazwini decided to pursue the path of his forefathers of becoming a scholar of Islam and religious leader. At that time, Iraq was at war with Kuwait. Therefore, at the inception of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Sayyed Hassan Al-Qazwini immigrated to Iran along with his family. In 1980, Sayyed Hassan Al-Qazwini joined the Islamic Seminary in Qom, Iran, the largest Shi’a seminary in the world. After twelve years of vigorous study, Sayyed Hassan Al-Qazwini graduated in 1992 with in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of Islamic jurisprudence and Qur'anic commentary. During his studies, he administered a prominent Islamic journal called “Annibras,” or The Eternal Light. The journal addressed many social, historical and Islamic issues. In addition, he authored two books: Meditation on Sahihain: A Critique of Sahih Al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, and Prophet Mohammad: The Ethical Prospect. Al-Qazwini's family is well known in Iraq and the Muslim world. With the advent of the despotic Ba’athist regime in the late 1960s and early 1970s, al-Qazwini and other Shia scholars and clerics increased efforts to educate the masses to combat their depravity and brainwashing. Al-Qazwini’s father Ayatollah Sayid Mortadha al-Qazwini was among the leading scholars in spreading the word of Islam in Iraq and engaging in Islamic activism, helping to establish several Islamic schools and institutions, and serving as the principal of Imam Assadiq Islamic School in Karbala.   After several years, Saddam Hussein identified the al-Qazwini family as an ideological threat to his regime. Consequently, he started to pressure them to abandon their mission and to support his regime. In 1980, Sayid Hassan al-Qazwini’s grandfather, Ayatollah Sayid Mohammad Sadiq al-Qazwini, was arrested and imprisoned by Saddam Hussein because he did not support the Baathist regime. Amnesty International deemed him as the oldest political prisoner in the world at the time. Since then, the al-Qazwini family never heard from him, and it was not until a few weeks after the collapse of Saddam’s regime that they found documents verifying his death in Saddam’s prisons. Consequently, Al-Qazwini’s family was forced to flee Iraq and seek refuge in Kuwait.

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